Marine Services

KMOC offers marine transportation and associated engineering services to the offshore and shipping industry. The main activity of the Marine Services is to provide offshore and marine support services to the offshore energy industry through the operation of a fleet of offshore marine service craft.

KMOC supports various phases of offshore exploration, development and production, through AHTS, OSVs & PSVs. Anchor handling of lay barges and mobile drilling rigs, towing of barges for pipes, structures and equipment. KMOC is also involved in transporting supplies and personnel necessary to sustain drilling, work over and production activities.

     1. Large network of Qualified & Experienced seafarers.

     2. Professionally executed recruitment and hiring process.

     3. Intensive pre-joining selection process includes  
         competence and aptitude tests.

     4. High standards of medical fitness.

     5. In-house Shore training establishment.

     6. In-house cadet training facility for long term retention.

     7.Onboard training and performance monitoring.

KMOC and it's Group operates a fleet of anchor handling tugs, supply vessels, safety vessels, utility boats, tugs and barges. Vessels can be customized according to client requirements. For example with custom fitted A-Frames,
additional workshop space, accommodation, cranes etc.

In addition, KMOC also offer Ship-to-Ship transfer, Mooring Master as well as equipment rentals.