Our Commitments

Our Vision

We want to be known for:

    Delivering quality, safety and reliability in meeting our clients - needs,
    Valuing honesty and transparency in our people,
    Achieving the highest standards of corporate governance,
    Encouraging and promoting human rights,
    Fostering environmental protection and sustainable development.

We want to deliver:

    Value to projects through cost and planning optimization and effective risk management,
    High returns to our shareholders over the long run,
    Development opportunities to all members of our teams,
    Technological innovation and cutting-edge technologies,
    Value to all of our stakeholders. 

Our Values  

KMOC's  professional activities are governed by a set of Values, which have been approved by its Board of Directors.

These revolve around 5 main areas:

    Integrity, professional excellence, protection of health, safety, and the environment, as well as social responsibility are the core values at KMOC.
    Our goal is to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for all our partners and, in particular, for our clients, our shareholders and our employees.
    KMOC  is committed to supporting and promoting the principles of the United Nations Global Compact regarding human rights, labour, environment and ethics within its sphere of influence.
    Built on the know-how and expertise of our teams, we aim to conduct our business in line with the principles of sustainable development.
    Our core values are set out in our Charters regarding business ethics, social accountability, environmental protection, quality, health and safety, and security.