Message from CEO

In today's challenging energy context  rising demand, increasing scarcity of easily accessible and exploitable fossil fuel resources, integration of environmental imperatives    KMOC (Kakinada Marine & Offshore Complex Ltd) is a key player on a demanding market.

We choose to focus on our core business, the oil and gas market. Our strategy is to focus and capitalize on our strengths, to improve operational performance and financial results, never losing sight of our environmental, social and civic responsibilities.

Further, the Group has launched an asset enhancement program that will total over 1 billion, to strengthen the production capacities of our manufacturing plants and our fleet.

At a time when oil and gas industry projects are increasingly complex and demanding, our teams are fully mobilized. Thanks to the know-how of our engineers and technicians, KMOC  has all the resources necessary for sustained growth.

You can rely on my personal commitment and that of all of KMOC teams.

SatyaMurthy Vamaraju